FAQ – English Version


What exactly is Oldhammer Weekend?

During three days in October we’ll meet and play old school miniature games. Games that were popular back in a days, and now little bit forgotten. To see the full list of arranged games go to GAMES tab in upper menu.

Can I play with unpainted miniatures?

Hmmm… such a question shouldn’t even be asked. But, unfortunately it’s asked too frequently. On our events we play ONLY with painted miniatures. Modelled and painted. Unpainted miniatures should stay hidden in storages. Public display forbidden;)

Can I play with miniatures from newer editions? Not exactly ‘oldhammer’ style?


Can I come only for one day?

Sure. Most of the games and campaigns are designed to be run for few hours or full day only. Detailed plan of games should be published soon.

Can I come and simply watch?  I don’t want to play.

Sure thing. But we encourage to more active participation:)

Can I organise my own game, campaign or tournament?

Go ahead. If you have idea to run a game or series of games, let us know. If there are any free tables left, you have a green light. The more, the merrier:)

Can I come with my friend and arrange a private game only for two of us?

Yes. No problem with that. Just ask before if the tables are not fully booked.

Is there a parking place available near the club?

Yes, there are a lot free parking spots next to the club’s building. There no problem with leaving the car for the night as well.

Is catering provided? Or is there convince store or bar at the site?

No catering, And no food stalls of any sort at the club. However, there are plenty of small stores and restaurants in walking distance.